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Total computer solutions aims to offer its clients all the conveniences and benefits modern technologies can offer and deliver. We believe a skilful use of these technologies will enable businesses to be more productive, effective and efficient. The total range of services we offer can include maintaining your printing needs to the design of a total e-commerce solution. Our services can be customised to your needs. This allows you to nominate and order your own priorities with input from us. Via such inputs, your business can grow accordingly.


A fully functional and integrated network will speed up your business processes and allows you to seamlessly carry out effective and efficient business tasks.

Internet Services

As an Internet service provider, we offer a range of internet access services to our clients. This includes both dial-up and permanent internet access, domain registration, web hosting and e-commerce.

Maintenance and Purchasing Services

Businesses are increasingly outsourcing some if not all their information and communicational needs. Common areas include purchasing and maintenance of their information systems.

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